Curriculum of Love – Morgan Daleo


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Morgan Simone Daleo has created a practical and attractive handbook for parents and teachers wishing to instill spiritual values in children. Taking an approach based in Christianity but influenced by Eastern philosophy, the author suggests that her curriculum be used as a starting point for those wishing to teach the values of their own religious traditions. Each of the 10 chapters includes activities involving movement, art, storytelling and music for a particular value: service, self-reliance, community, history, compassion, beauty, balance and joy. For example, the chapter on history has an exercise on interviewing a grandparent for an oral biography and the chapter on beauty has a lesson on painting a water-color. A helpful resource list at the end of each chapter recommends books and music for adults and children, while a more general resource list on spirituality and children is included at the end of the book. This well-designed, straightforward book wil! l be useful for many parents, teachers and home schoolers.