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Born from an intensive personal search for truth and meaning, Written in Our Hearts focuses on the universal, experiential teachings at the core of the great religions of humanity. Theodore Nottingham makes available to seekers of all traditions and paths a practical means to transformation in the midst of daily life. The spiritual teachings of Christianity are presented in a manner which reaches beyond the distortion of dogma, historical permutation and institutional regimentation.

“Written in Our Hearts is a book after the heart of every true seeker of God. The author writes: «The treasury of Christian spiritual writings seems to have been forgotten or rejected, reducing preachers to administrators and social activists while leaving people in the pew in a state of starvation». If I were asked where one could find some very relevant guidance, I would say without any hesitation, Written in Our Hearts is the book to read”.

– Charles B. Ashanin, Ph.D., Professor of Early Church History, Emeritus, Christian Theological Seminary

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The Practice of Spiritual Transformation