The Spiritual Thirst of the Modern Child*

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«There is one thing that remains in the world, and maybe it is as strong as ever it was, and that is the love of parents for their children and the desire of parents to do what is best for their children. Therefore, our best hope is probably to help parents to understand the spiritual need of their children. If some contribution of a practical nature can be made during these talks, and if we can subsequently publish and disseminate these suggestions as widely as possible, who knows? Some good may be done».

John G. Bennett


«This book can – and should – constitute an exceptional guide and adviser for those parents that still insist on daring to cultivate a faith to the time-honored values, ideas and moral standards, as symbols and invariable signs of an age-long world of hope, prudence, faith and love».

Vasos Ι. Vogiatzoglou


* The original English title is, THE SPIRITUAL HUNGER OF THE MODERN CHILD– A Series of Ten Lectures

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