The Other Side of Christianity*

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“The Other Side of Christianity* is a masterpiece of spiritual insight, bringing together for the first time the mystical teachings of early Christianity with Perennial esoteric wisdom.

The author’s fundamental thesis is that Christianity possesses an inner tradition that has never been common knowledge in the Western world. This Esoteric Christianity was once known as the “Royal Way” and has barely survived except in places like the monasticism of the Eastern Church. The author claims that we can find traces, in some of the great spiritual texts, of teachings that deal with experiential transformation and go back to the first centuries of the Church.

Along with his scholarly research, Mr. Amis shares his own personal experiences in seeking out this lost teaching. He details his visits to Mount Athos where this spiritual wisdom has been passed on for a thousand years. He describes the island as a “place that can help one discover the eternal within oneself.”

Author Robin Amis offers a world desperate for inner transformation a treasure map to the house of the soul”.

– Theodore J. Nottingham, author of “Written in Our Hearts – The Practice of Spiritual Transformation”


* The original English title is, A DIFFERENT CHRISTIANITY – Early Christian Esotericism and Modern Thought

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Early Christian Esotericism and Modern Thought