The Lost Tradition of Christianity*

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Through a dramatic search in the essence of Christian thought and faith, Jacob Needleman turns our attention to a forgotten, according to himself, vision of both God and Man.

A vision that he names “The Lost Tradition of Christianity”* and sums up his conclusion that something profoundly fundamental has been lost from our modern life.

“What is lost is the experience of oneself, just oneself – myself, the personal being who is here, now, squarely confronting one’s own existential weaknesses and pretentions while yet aware, however tentatively, of a higher current of life and identity calling to us from within ourselves. This presence to oneself is the missing element in the whole of the life of Man, the intermediate state of consciousness between what we are meant to be and what we actually are. It is, perhaps, the one bridge that can lead us from our inhuman past toward the human future”.

* The original English title is, LOST CHRISTIANITY– A Journey of Rediscovery

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A Journey of Discovery