Interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer*

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For the writer of this book there isn’t any verified evidence. He seems to belong to a group of students of the philosopher and mathematician P.D. Ouspensky (1878-1947) and probably his contact with him, contributed especially to the elaboration of this work.

What is certain is that having himself penetrated into the world of Spirit and having experienced a part of this unintelligible reality, he unfolds some of the deeper meanings of the Lord’s Prayer, the Prayer that Jesus himself gave to his students, summing up in it all of His teaching.

So, the Lord’s prayer, was «something far more than a technique (of prayer)˙ and in giving it Christ bestowed on His disciples something infinitely greater and more wonderful than what they had asked for».

* The original English title is, A RECAPITULATION OF THE LORD’S PRAYER

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